This travelogue will be in English :o) So, some of you might not need google translator this time!

Three days of seminar is over. It was three long days but I had a lot of fun and it's always nice to see the improvement of dogs and handlers! Andres has a friend who is involved in the military, so we held the seminar at a military complex. It was a nice place with a big grass-pitch where I could set looong, fun and hard exercises and also some extra combinations on the side! :o) We shared the area with the militaries and their activities, a bit odd but quite fun! They were very interested in our dogs and the agility training so we had audience all days :o). But at the same time as it was really fun to be there it was also sad... It was a unit there for injured soliders and only this place held 600 soliders who had lost feet, arms, legs, or/and eyes... Mostly in the war against the guerilla who put mines in the ground... It was hard to see the young guys, who had their whole life before them, with the destroyed bodies. Sometimes you could see them with their family and kids who were there to visit. So wanton...

The rest of my experiences from my first days here will be told mostly through pictures.

Tathiana is cooking good food!
Is Leo going to crash with or get his dog to the backside...?! 

Colombias youngest and most promising handler, Sebastian! Watch out guys! 

Soliders and agility equipment... perfect match..?
Agility handlers and military students in action...
Special audience... 
Injured soliders were watching with a big interest...
...so I think they had three fun days. I could also see how they played with a street/adopted dog they had  there :o) 

The handlers had to trust their dogs and RUN!!! Cali tries to catch up with Andres, not easy... ;o)

The beautiful view from the mountain around Guatavita
Tathi and me on the walk
The circular lake, Guatavita, created millions of years ago by mother nature. It appears to be a meteor crater. Humans, of course, tried to destroy it to find gold but they never really succeeded and now it's protected.

Butterfly - Mariposa in Spanish :o) - found on the way
A very hairy plant...
Beautiful flower
After Guatavita we eat a great lunch with grilled fish, mojarra and fresh juice made from guayaba
I found a man making carpets, all people are so happy and friendly!
His little dog, maybe not as happy for his chain...
Colombian fence-security.
The people here are creative... as the thieves, who cover the glass with a carpet to climb over...

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